Singing is beneficial for both body and soul. Not only is it fun, but it has been shown that singing, like any creative endeavor, increases neuroplasticity in the brain.


As we explore the text of a song, we learn something about ourselves and others, giving us the gifts of empathy and openness.


Studies have shown that singing, especially with others, improves our mood and lowers stress and anxiety.


We know that everyone can benefit from singing, but why take lessons? No matter your musical background or experience, all can learn to improve their singing, learn about different musical genres and styles, and feel more confident and gain presence in all aspects of life.



You could argue that the voice is man’s first musical instrument! If you can speak, you can sing. Vocalizing / singing has been a part of every culture for hundreds of years, with styles that often reflect the individual language and dialect of the culture from which it springs. Sung text seems to elevate both the singer and the audience in a way that is completely unique.

Singing has been used to tell stories, to worship, to woo, and, we believe, to heal the soul. Singing with a group can reduce loneliness by bringing together like-minded people engaged in the same activity. It can reduce stress and anxiety, boost confidence, and possibly even strengthen the immune system and cardiovascular health.

Bel Canto Academy offers both private and group lessons for children and private lessons for adults.


Comprehensive and Tailored

Every voice is unique, and our voice faculty will create a singing/voice lesson program based on your vocal range, experience, and musical interests. Private voice lessons are available to students above age 8, with a variety of musical genres explored based on the student’s interest.

Beginning students can expect to start with fundamentals such as learning proper posture, healthy breath management, and vocalization. More advanced and experienced students will expect to achieve proficiency in advanced vocal technique, musical notation and rhythm, diction and languages, and song interpretation.

Passionate and Qualified Faculty
Convenient Location
Private and Group Lessons
Performance Opportunities
Special Needs and Early Childhood Music Education

Bel Canto’s Private Music Lessons (all ages)

Bel Canto Music Academy offers exceptional private music lessons to students of all ages
and levels. Students work on the fundamentals of reading music, proper technique,
rhythm and pitch in various genres of music to develop their prociency. Our experienced
teachers will help determine the level of the student and align instruction with their
individual musical interest

Bel Canto Voices – Group Voice Lessons for Children Aged 6-10

Prepare your young vocalist to light up the stage with Bel Canto Voices! This group singing class is a unique and unparalleled experience for children ages 6-10. Exploring a variety of genres, students will learn about basic melodic intervals, matching pitch, and dynamics (volume). Students will engage the whole body to create a beautiful sound with an entertaining presentation for voice lessons in a group setting. Enrollment is determined by audition.


Learning and performing together enables students to experience the joy of singing together as well as individually, enhancing the development of the whole child.

Bel Canto — Early Childhood Music Classes

The unique Bel Canto Seasons curriculum developed by our faculty emphasizes a variety of genres including world, contemporary, jazz and classical music. Live instrument demonstrations are integrated into classes along with lesson plans that align with performances of the Burr Ridge Symphony Orchestra, Burr Ridge Ballet and Burr Ridge Metropolitan Opera, River Oaks Chamber Orchestra and other local ensembles.

Our wonderful baby music classes, toddler music classes, and pre-school music classes are truly a well rounded approach to understanding musical comparatives and enhance development of the whole child. There is a lot of movement in our children’s music classes and the lessons actively follow through the seasons of the year and holidays of all cultures!

Burr Ridge


92 Burr Ridge Parkway
Burr Ridge, Illinois 60527

Phone: 630-581-5106
Email: info@belcantomusicacademy.com



121 S Webster Street,
Naperville, Illinois 60540

Phone: 331-226-2055
Email: naperville@belcantomusicacademy.com

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